Our Team

Dr Claire Cattigan

Claire is Director of Barwon Health's ICU (2020 - present).

Dr Nick Simpson
(Deputy Director)

Nick has been a specialist at Barwon Health since 2011.

A/Prof Neil Orford

Neil is a Senior Specialist, CICM Board Member and active researcher.

A/Prof Charlie Corke

Charlie Corke is former president of CICM and patient centred care advocate.

Dr Martina NíChonghaile

Martina is heavily involved in Rapid Response Teams and ECMO

Dr David Green

David is the unit's CICM Supervisor of training.

Dr Wendy Henderson

Wendy is involved with our unit education and examination programs.

Dr Nima Kakho

Nima is heavily involved in our education and ECMO programs and is an CICM Part 2 Examiner.

Dr Joe McCaffrey

Joe is heavily involved in our ECMO program.

Dr Elizabeth Winson

Liz joined our team in 2023 and is involved with our welfare program.

Dr Paul Power

Paul is our Donate Life medical lead and Emergency and Trauma liaison.

Dr Ashley Garnett

Ashley is involved in our units paediatric and education programs.

Dr Erfana Thashneem

Erfana joined our team in 2023 and is involved with our ECMO education program