In 2019 the UHG ICU was an active partner in the “Be the Heart” program pilot, the Barwon Health culture change program co-designed with Nous. Early evaluation results demonstrated:

  • Staff engagement – 24 leaders, 165 staff, participated in 554 hours of training over 16-weeks
  • Increased awareness and shift towards a positive workplace culture
  • “Primed” the ICU for engagement in ongoing team and culture work

The ICU has further embedded this culture change during the COVID pandemic partnering with Nous through:

  •  Developing leadership skills with the senior ICU leaders with 360 assessment, 1:1 coaching sessions and facilitated leadership group discussions
  • Diagnosing the critical cultural challenges and create a shared view of the desired culture within the ICU
  • Developing a plan designed around the Moments that Matter and the entire ICU staff